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Private Lessons

Private Lessons

What is a private lesson?

- A private lesson is a one on one approach to learning how to ice skate. One of the advantages of a private lesson is the flexibility of scheduling. The greatest advantage is the ability of the professional to develop a training plan specifically geared to one particular student. 

Should I take a private lesson? 

- Private lessons are helpful to beginners who may not be catching on as quickly as their classmates or for the more advanced group lesson skater who wishes to supplement their half-hour group class. They are essential for a skater who intends to compete and/or take advanced level USFS Tests and become a member of our elite training program. They are also for skaters who do not fare well in a group setting but are comfortable with a one on one situation. 

How do I schedule a private lesson?

- You may ask your group lesson coach or call the skating school for a coaching recommendation. Coaching assistants do not teach private lessons.  All coaches create their own schedules. The Staten Island Skating Pavilion welcomes guest pros provided they submit their resume and proof liability insurance to the skate school office prior to teaching. A $25 per hour commission is also required. 

When can I schedule a private lesson?

- Lessons may be scheduled during any of the freestyle sessions or public sessions, depending upon the professional's availability. Ice time is always a separate fee. Please contact the skating director or coach at least one week prior to the first day you wish to take a private lesson. 

How do I pay for a private lesson?

- Private lesson fees are paid directly to the professional and can range anywhere between $40 - $50 for a half-hour lesson.  The private lesson fee must be paid in cash or check.  If your lesson takes place on freestyle, the ice time fee of $12 per 30-minutes is paid to the skate school office. If the lesson takes place in a public session, the ice time is paid at the ticket booth prior to taking the ice. Admission to the Public Session is $12 for children, $14 for adults.  Skate Rental if needed is $7. Admission to the Freestyle or Public Session & skate rental can be paid by cash, check, or credit card. 

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

- In the event of a cancellation, it is out of common courtesy and respect that you provide 24 hours' notification or find a replacement for your lesson. Notification should be made directly to the coach, not the skate school. If for any reason, you fail to provide adequate notice or replacement, payment for the missed lesson is required prior to the next lesson. Please respect the fact that our coaches have trained many years to become professionals and that coaching is, for many, their only source of income.